Banned In DC

One of many photos I’ve had flagged by the man…er…Instagram. (credit: Trooper Otter)

…And pretty much everywhere else.  Been slow to write the second post, but as per usual, discontent is a great motivator.

I woke up at 6am this morning excited to post on the @stiv_photo page.  I’d caught a great pool reflection in the window of the abandoned house that’s given a fair lot of us purchase to a slightly cancerous (but fun) backyard pit as of late.  I was feeling creative and pleased. Drunk on half-sleep and morning inspiration.  That lasted about 37 seconds.

Staring me in the face was the exasperating “You’ve Violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines” message. But how?  Why?  I wasn’t quite awake yet, but I knew I hadn’t posted anything ‘Instagram Illegal’.  When I realized the post that had been held in contempt, I felt my blood boil and immediately sprang into full consciousness.  My first action was to immediately repost the same image.  My second was to text a friend who I knew could well empathize.  He reminded me to stay lofty in my reactions.  Taking the high road always sounds so obsequious at first, especially when emotions are heightened, but the added bonus of doing the ‘right thing’ has always resulted in a sweet and silent vengeance that I enjoy. So, I refrained from publicly attacking conservatives on line.  I didn’t even use the “F’ word, or the “T” word, in my repost.  I didn’t even position them next to each other like I had wanted to.  Instead, I pointed out the obvious… seen below.

I present to you The Offensive Photo

This is a man’s torso.  An incredibly visually pleasing, well-sculpted man’s torso.  A torso that is lying on my kitchen floor, bathed by the afternoon light, beautifully casted upon by the shadows painting my refrigerator.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  I see art everywhere.  My kitchen floor could benefit greatly from the company of a mop.  There’s stickers littering the freezer door.  It’s not a venue which lends itself to images like this, yet this is what I saw.  The subject is an artist, himself, and we decided to create what we both thought would turn into a beautiful image together.  In my opinion, we succeeded.

It’s not the deletion of the image that upsets me.  I’m actually not even upset.  I’m fearful. I’m fearful that someone who hates the creative passions of others this much pays attention to me at all.  I’ve had many things flagged, all from my personal page, all displaying the human form in some way.  It scares me to think that there is so much unfounded anger surrounding  freedom of expression.  Take what you will from this, because I’ll admit, I’ve just written and deleted nearly a dozen paragraphs.  I don’t want this blog to go in the direction of personal opinion.  I want to share my art and encourage others to do the same.  I won’t allow my moral code to be judged by any man.  I’m not afraid of my own desires, as they are, who have invented words throughout history to demonize them.

#obscenity #freedomofspeech #freedomofart #nocensorship

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s a beautiful photo taken by a beautiful person. I feel bad for anyone who sees anything less, as their vision is limited.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dene says:

    I’m apprehwnsive of people who fear art. It’s the same fear that propagates hate and violence.
    Sadly, they are the overseers.
    I love your vision and art.
    I am happy to represent the opposition.


    1. thehatefulnotebook says:

      I couldn’t agree more!


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