Forever Young

What’s more depressing than turning 40 when you’re a perpetual punk rock teenager in a body that’s aging without your consent? Realizing that there are zero punk rock songs about turning 40. And WHY are there no punk rock songs about turning 40? Because Punk Rock just turned 40 last year.

Yup. ’77. Argue the point if you want. I’m not interested. I wasn’t even born yet. It’s just what they tell me…and although some of my non-contestable favorites like The Dictators, Ramones, Jayne County, and The Damned stepped onto the scene moments before the double 7’s took claim to it all, I just like the ring of the whole ’77 thing.

So there it is.

For this entry, and serving as the best defense I have for this bullshit and consequential descent is a cover of Sparks “Forever Young” (released in ’77!) and delivered to you in snot rock cover fashion by The Mean Jeans, and Quite well, I might add. The lyrics on this are a banger; don’t skip the link below.

Forever YOUNG

“I’m gonna beat the devil and stay forever” Ok. Probably not. And I don’t really want to. I just wanna get this goddamn book finished and be able to buy a nice house for my me and my dog somewhere. I want a garden and he wants a big yard. Finally having a partner wouldn’t be so bad. A few trees and rocks to climb…a record player and an endless supply of books in every room. It’s the simple things.

Be well. And be good to yourselves. I’m especially remembering today my lost brothers that never got to see 40. The below photo is from a recent Fresno trip. Mixed in bondo, and lathered into the deathbox I’m grinding, are the ashes of a guy who’ll never be forgotten. Rest in Paradise, my brother. RIP Bart Steed. Photo by Peacock. We love you, Bart.


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  1. (Leave you alone I meant)


    1. thehatefulnotebook says:

      Hey Monique, I don’t have my main IG account anymore, just a photo page, so there’s nothing that I have you blocked on. I remember you raeched out before when you were going to be in California, but then I never heard back. I was really upset by Anthony’s death. I think millions of people were. Thank you for reading what I write and for the encouragement. It does mean a lot. I hope you’re well.


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