Holy Commotion!

What’s the deal with the clandestine blog titles, man?  Allow me to explain.  My devotion lies in few places, but where it does, it doesn’t so much lie as it does, instead, take root.  Relentless root.  Unforgiving and unwavering.  Over time, these few places will be revealed…  but number one, in the forefront, is Punk Rock.  It’s influence on my young brain, as well as the permanent markings on my adult brain, are well explained in the first blog. But what does the title mean?

I’ve decided to devote the “Pages” part of my blog to explaining this to anyone who cares.    This won’t be too in depth, but it will follow a pattern.  They’re on here for a reason.  That’s all you need to know.

Begin.  “What We Do Is Secret” :  The opening track of the approximately 38 minute, debut (and only) full length EP released by The Germs, called “GI”, in 1979.  The subject of a painting, done by me, hanging on my wall about 15 feet away from me right now.  The tattoo that ‘s scratched into the left side of my rib cage.  Listen here:  What We Do Is Secret

“Pleased To Meet Me”.  The title of The Replacements 1987 Full Length offering on Sire Records.  The band that was introduced to me by a pen pal called “Kevin Person” when I was 14.  The band that led me to the discovery of Alex Chilton, who led me to a bit of self discovery, who later asked me, “Can I put my haaands on you?” in that sexy, slow Louisiana drawl of his when I was 22.  I said “Yes”.  The band who’s bassist I would date exactly 15 years later while living in Hollywood, California, who would gift to me the 1950’s vintage telephone chair that still sits next to my bed today, and who would (ironically) break up with me over the phone from somewhere on a midwestern tour date. If he was from venus…

“Banned In DC”.  A fucking Epic punk rock song by the infamous, seminal, legendary Bad Brains, out of Washington, DC.  Released on their second full length album entitled “Rock For Light” in 1983, but recognizable to most from their 2003 compilation release, of the same name, which depicts the now iconic picture of the White House being struck by lightning. You Can’t Hurt Me. Why? I’m banned in DC.

Lastly, the above . “Holy Commotion”.  The latest soulful outcry from The Pretenders.  Brand Fucking New.  A bit more pop-driven than early Pretenders and, arguably, slightly over produced,  but the message is poignant and the execution perfectly timed.  Chrissie can do no wrong in my book and I’m not surprised that she’s still delivering to us what simply Must be heard.  Because, I too…  I want To Free Your Mind

Enjoy these.  New blog going up now.  New “Page” for your new journey,  through it’s title, to soon follow.