Funeral March

I am looking up at the Aqua City Hotel in Poprad, Slovakia, from my standard plastic pool lounger. This was not one of my best choices in life, but I have indeed made far worse ones. I’ve turned my chair to face away from the menacing sun which has just come out from behind the…

I Wanted The Whole World Or Nothing

I went to the childhood home of Charles Bukowski the other day. It’s on Longwood Avenue in the mid-city district of LA. The address is easily found, for those who care to find it that is. There is no homage,  no murth of tutelage by the homeowner to know or covet the exposed décolleté of…

Killing An Arab

What started as a list of pros and cons that David suggested I write has somehow turned into a stark realization about the origin of my work.  We’ve talked about David before, if you’ve been here for a minute– and the list was meant to be about a lover of mine. We both know the…

29x The Pain

Kiss Me On The Bus so we can Stay Free

Café Avenue to Fascination Street

I want All This And More and I Won’t Look Back

Smash It Up and Paint It Black

Sweet Sweet Heart

I was at the pay phone (I don’t know why none of us wore watches). I was getting snowed on as I watched a cop car start to pull up behind my friends. Then I watched in horror as they drove away, my friends, away from me! Fourteen year-old me! In the snow! The cops shined a spot on me and I ran. I ran into the field behind the phone booth. Pretty deep into my Cure phase, I was outta sight in a  hot minute thanks to the all-black garb I was heavily into. Pre-smoking pre-drugs-pre-everything-gymnast-stamina me just kept going. Getting caught for curfew in a small town was a definite thing then, so that’s what we were all trying to evade. Pre-cell phone me was going to be just fine too. I think this is the inherent gene missing in today’s youth. We’re all going to fucking survive, man, with or without our cell phones. Eventually we all returned to the scene of the almost-crime and continued on…after checking the time one more time.

Barbed Wire Love

There’s not a relationship on the planet that maintains the integrity it started out with. Everything is Fluid. The hippies taught me to Go with it. The punks taught me to Fight for it. Cuz in the end, “All you give me is barbed wire love.”

I Write Your Name

    “I write your name in thick blue ink on stones I throw just to watch them sink.” ~Jim Carroll. One day, a very long time ago- I wasn’t even in my twenties yet- I saw Jim Carroll walking through Tompkin’s Square Park in the East Village. Years later, I’d live around the corner…


Recently, I walked through a grocery store with my friend Drew, in a town I had never been in and where he was the only person I knew. I had just met with him from a solo drive lush with nature. I had also just parted ways with a brand new friend who wears his pain like a garment that he is told he can never take off.

My First X-Mas As A Woman

I used to DJ all of The Vandals Holiday shows at The House of Blues On The Sunset Strip. Like many punk rock bands of past and present, they were on the forefront of addressing social issues years before the mainstream thought it was hip. In their song “My first X-Mas as a woman”, they…

When I Get Old

What will it be like when I get old? Cocksparrer posed that question to me when I was 16, and the Descendents asked the same of me at 18. (click this link, you’ll be happy!) DESCENDENTS!!!! When I discovered The Descendents at 14, anything over 30 seemed ancient to me, and it also seemed like a place…