Science Fiction Double Feature

I set my alarm for 2am this morning and begrudgingly rolled out of bed about thirty minutes later.  I’d prepared most of what I needed the night before.  Packing warm clothes isn’t a well-tuned skill of mine,  but so far so good. I’m in New York State.  Nyack, to be exact.   Tomorrow,  I’ll be…

Beggars Banquet

I’ve been ruminating on this entry for about a week now, unsure of how to present it without losing integrity or sounding like someone I want to hit the mute button on.  Speaking of buttons,   I have a close friend who’s deeply involved in the street skating industry.  He once told me that he…

Voice Of A Generation

Portraiture is one of my favorite formats to shoot.  It’s what I’m most visually drawn to in the works of other artists as well.  It instigates memories.  It forbids you to turn away.  By an indeterminate authority, you acquiesce to an association with the subject.  These three portraits are from a world I know well….

The Blank Generation

The above isn’t what I would call a banner reflection of my early twenties.  I still had years of east coast winters and a lot of using ahead of me.  I wouldn’t quit smoking cigs for nearly another 15, and to be honest, when I recently found this photo it brought tears to my eyes….

Banned In DC

…And pretty much everywhere else.  Been slow to write the second post, but as per usual, discontent is a great motivator. I woke up at 6am this morning excited to post on the @stiv_photo page.  I’d caught a great pool reflection in the window of the abandoned house that’s given a fair lot of us purchase…