Killing An Arab

What started as a list of pros and cons that David suggested I write has somehow turned into a stark realization about the origin of my work.  We’ve talked about David before, if you’ve been here for a minute– and the list was meant to be about a lover of mine. We both know the…

Barbed Wire Love

There’s not a relationship on the planet that maintains the integrity it started out with. Everything is Fluid. The hippies taught me to Go with it. The punks taught me to Fight for it. Cuz in the end, “All you give me is barbed wire love.”

I Write Your Name

    “I write your name in thick blue ink on stones I throw just to watch them sink.” ~Jim Carroll. One day, a very long time ago- I wasn’t even in my twenties yet- I saw Jim Carroll walking through Tompkin’s Square Park in the East Village. Years later, I’d live around the corner…

Who Wrote Holden Caulfield

I spent years visiting the city before I actually moved there at 20, and even with an address to speak of, I still ended each day with the consequential feeling that the city didn’t want me. There were exactly three things that kept me coming back. A boy. A man. And a book.

Look On Down From The Bridge

I sensed the pain of ten lifetimes in his dilatory reach. It seemed to be ages before his bone-bare fingers found their simple target. I remember thinking that he would be so much happier if he were dead. Surely, it doesn’t end this way, does it? Surely, there must be so much more… Three days later, the County Coroner came for his body. That is what this haunting, Portuguese orchestration of notes that the world calls Fado feels like. It’s not the type of music whose Sound you describe for another. To describe Fado is to capture a feeling.