The box held a myriad of other decades-old scraps of discontent in the way of I’ll-see-you-after-work notes from old lovers, apologies, concert stubs, old house keys, and empty drug bags. That was my metaphorical pillbox. It brought up a question in my mind: How would I describe what goes into a pillbox in one word? The word I came up with is ‘Arsenal’. I also wondered how my pillbox of today differs from my teen-aged one. Because I sure as hell hope I’ve made some progress since then. The arsenal theme has stayed on. It’s still my finger on the trigger, but the weapons are wiser, and I work like hell to keep them pointed away from me these days. 

True Love Ways

I moved through the desert on a camel one day. Its name was Michael Jackson. I looked up at the pyramids, wondering which was the “Great” one, and I was unimpressed. You were in bed somewhere on the east coast with your arm wrapped around a girl whose name you never knew.  In fairness, she didn’t know yours either, but she’d glance at your drool on the pillow for the next couple weeks…and she’d think about it. But she wouldn’t remember.

Look On Down From The Bridge

I sensed the pain of ten lifetimes in his dilatory reach. It seemed to be ages before his bone-bare fingers found their simple target. I remember thinking that he would be so much happier if he were dead. Surely, it doesn’t end this way, does it? Surely, there must be so much more… Three days later, the County Coroner came for his body. That is what this haunting, Portuguese orchestration of notes that the world calls Fado feels like. It’s not the type of music whose Sound you describe for another. To describe Fado is to capture a feeling.

My Letters

The Fastbacks : My Letters  The Fastbacks were introduced to me by a penpal. I can’t help but think that the lyrical content was greatly inspired by songwriter Kim Warnick’s very similar experiences to mine, writing letters to strangers. The song is on 1991’s “The Answer is You” Double 7″ release. The picture you’ll see…

Three Imaginary Boys

It’s been a month since the last post. Inspiration has been sparse, but it came by way of a perfectly dated hotel room in palm springs last night and my unerring acumen for finding surviving segments of unspoiled mid-century allure; the patina of decades past warming my soul and fueling the creative fire. The first…

Fire In Cairo

When I was young, I never knew that “Fire In Cairo” wasn’t about the city in Egypt. Now I do.  Listen here:  Fire In Cairo Burning Bride It was a hot July Wild fires filled the sky They weren’t as hot as the fire in our eyes Such a hot July Time to burn your…

Waltz #2

My last blog caused an upheaval, on a myriad of levels, for which I was vastly underprepared. I’m shifting this entry to what I write the most yet choose to share the least; my prose. It’s typically very dark. This particular piece, written over a night and a day, bled onto the page with a constant…

I Need You

We encountered one another on the threshold leading into the show. He muttered something incoherent and I punched him in the face. He fell backward and into a crowd of punks and skins on the sidewalk. It was raining. That picture stands out in my mind. I kicked him while he was down. I implored him to hit me back in front of everyone else. I wanted to know the reason he saw it fit to do so in private but not publicly.

My First X-Mas As A Woman

I used to DJ all of The Vandals Holiday shows at The House of Blues On The Sunset Strip. Like many punk rock bands of past and present, they were on the forefront of addressing social issues years before the mainstream thought it was hip. In their song “My first X-Mas as a woman”, they…

When I Get Old

What will it be like when I get old? Cocksparrer posed that question to me when I was 16, and the Descendents asked the same of me at 18. (click this link, you’ll be happy!) DESCENDENTS!!!! When I discovered The Descendents at 14, anything over 30 seemed ancient to me, and it also seemed like a place…